Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This is my going to be my fifth year of teaching fourth grade.  In June I decided that I needed an overhaul on my room décor.  The school was going to be closed for the summer to conserve energy, so I wouldn’t have access..I had to think fast.  I started to look on Pinterest for some ideas.  I found School Girl Style, and read Melanie Ralbusky’s “How to Decorate Without Upsetting the Firemarshall!”  

One quote really stuck out, “I see classrooms where one bulletin board may have red paper, the other might have purple, another might have green, etc…
Don’t do that!  Use the same color paper throughout your room.”
My classroom has multiple bulletin boards, and I had different colored backgrounds on all of them by subject for the past four years..Red-Reading, Blue-Math, Green-Science, Orange-Social Studies...

New color scheme: light turquoise blue, black, and chevron pattern!  I used the background paper supplied by my school.  The chevron border, black bordette, and bulletin board letters are from the EducationStation store in Lancaster.

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