Monday, July 14, 2014

1 Project, 1 Freebie, 1 Idea

1 Project, Group Bins:

My in-laws have been working on a patio and fire pit, so they had tons of these "Paver Link" buckets in their garage.  I thought I can use these for school!  I asked them if they were using them, and they said they were just planning on throwing them out!

I plan to use them as Reading Group Bins.  They are large enough to hold all the group folders, activities, and books...and they have a handle to carry.  My reading group bins from last year couldn't hold the folders, only the books.  I can recycle my last year bins to hold game supplies.

1.  Took off Paver Link labels
2. Washed with hose
3. Laminated white card stock to place on both sides (Writing with dry erase will be great on these)
4. Duck taped card stock on with group colors

The picture shows the 3 color duck tapes I used.  I made 6 (2 of each).  I figure I can possible plan ahead with 2 for each group.  I also made 4 for my husband for storing his folders for high school math!

1 Freebie, Jerseys:

I made these jerseys.   I was inspired by this World Cup, and decided to recycle the bulletin board letters I used from the last World Cup.  The larger jerseys are for the bulletin board in the hallway.  I'm going to use the small jerseys for lunch count next year.  I'm sure they could be used for many other ideas as well. DOWNLOAD JERSEYS

1 Idea:  Make a State Collage.  When I was at my parents' house for the 4th of July I found this poster I made when I was in 4th grade!  I was in their basement looking for a game for us to play that night, and stumbled upon the poster.  I plan to use this idea.  I will probably pick up some free phamplets to provide the kids at least one each to get them started.


  1. I really like your idea of using group bins. I have group drawers but if I had the space I would totally use bins! It's so important to have everything ready for guided reading groups when they come to your table. Thanks for sharing your jersey's! What a cute theme!Rambling About Reading

    1. Thanks, Jess, for the the feedback. I totally agree that being prepared for small group reading is important because the time flies. I will check out Rambling About Reading today!