Thursday, July 3, 2014

My First Throwback Thursday

Last summer was when I started to blog.  One of my first posts was a behavior chart PowerPoint I created, and used this past school year.  It worked really well.  In fourth grade we also switched classes, and it was an easy way to manage behavior.  I laminated, and put them into a pocket chart for the other 2 classes, and my homeroom students' names were magnetic.  There are 3 versions due to the color of the border around the signs, and the student name card squares.  (red, blue, and yellow)  You can download the "Behavior Book" student pages that I used to keep records, the binder cover, and the class responsibility pledge if you would like.

DOWNLOAD Behavior Chart

DOWNLOAD Behavior Book Editable Student Pages

DOWNLOAD Behavior Book Editable Binder Cover

DOWNLOAD Class Responsibility Pledge


  1. What a great system for keeping track of student behavior! Thanks for linking up!


  2. Thanks for checking out my link. I hope to continue linking up for ideas on your Throwback Thursdays!